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Our platform is your solution

eServices Platform is a robust, cloud-based technology for online bill pay, membership drives, donations, fundraising, and address management. Each component is fully integrated yet flexible, allowing you to implement only the tools you need. Whether you're interested in a bill payment system, membership tracking, or online donations, our platform is your solution.

Bill payment

Our Bill Payment Module lets you upload your billing invoices into the platform, allowing payments to be received directly online. The payment application confirms the invoice to be paid and allows for full or partial payment of the invoice. Our platform is designed to interface with any existing software billing systems using secure, encrypted processes. Our platform is designed to make you more efficient and improve revenue cycle management.

Payment processing

Online payments must be part of your business strategy. With the vast number of mobile devices in use today, it is important for your customers to be able pay in a convenient way, at a cost that you can afford. Streamlining the ability to accept and process credit card transaction is our forte. Keeping it simple is what we do.

Secure Processing

Our secure payment system can handle donations, membership fees, service payments, and client billings. One-time, scheduled, or recurring payment transactions are all available with each of these services. We are 100% HIPAA compliant, and all credit card data is tokenized, encrypted, and PCI compliant.

Member management

People and businesses donate, and our Donor/Member Management Module lets you manage them with ease. Unlimited list creation allows you to run effective capital campaigns and communicate easily with your donor/member base. Intuitive reports and dynamic filtering keep you on top of donor/member activity. The address database functions allow for efficient direct mail marketing campaigns.

Real-time reporting

As a web-based solution, all transactions and data recording are done in real-time. No waiting on uploads or data passing, just the information you need when you need it. Modules for generating accounting integration, management summaries, and detailed activity reports are available.

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